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Understanding the A-B-C of a Comprehensive Clinic Management System

With the advent of Information Technology, we humans have started using software in almost every process and in every usable thing. How clinics or health facilities will remain indifferent? A typical health facility is not just limited to outpatient and inpatient department; in fact, it is a lot more than that. Managing different specialists, supporting staff, departments, divisions and activities is never easy. Nevertheless, with the use of an efficient Doctor and Clinic Management Software, coordinating and integrating with all the inherent activities and departments, it becomes easier to run a health care facility.

Understanding the Clinic Management System

The purpose behind developing a comprehensive Doctor and Clinic Management Software is to computerize all the manual processes inside the clinic and to digitize patient records. Having digitized patient’s records means doctors can access and retrieve those records at anytime and from anywhere. Additionally, it becomes easy to share and access same data on multiple networks with multiple users at different locations in order to perform smoother clinical operations.

Not only it helps in increasing collaboration within clinicians, but it also helps in perfect diagnosis and precise treatment yielding better results. Furthermore, controlling access to this data is possible, allowing users to back up all the data, thus generated to a safe and secure location.

In a well-groomed clinic, there are myriad of internal tasks and administrative duties. Starting from inventory management to payroll, and from maintaining accounts to panel billing, all these tasks come pre-embedded in a powerful Doctor and Clinic Management Software. An effective Clinic Management System makes it possible to administer, manage and maintain clinic, eventually increasing overall productivity in a cost efficient manner.

Basic Features of a Comprehensive Clinic Management System

Usually, a clinical setup has many background activities. These clinics face the biggest challenge of coordinating and managing these background tasks in an effective way without affecting productivity.

  • A comprehensive clinic management system will allow users, to create, update and manage patient record, carry out patient appointment and manage their follow-ups.

  • It allows users to track doctors, schedule their visits, by creating and maintaining their daily schedule, depending on their clinic location. Additionally, offering doctors with an electronic record of the waiting patient, and later allowing doctors to forward an e-prescription.

  • When it comes to laboratory checkup, then the software has efficient lab module, allowing doctors, staff and patients to manage laboratory tests. Users can later update and manage lab reports along with remarks and notes. These reports can be saved in the database of a specified patient’s name.

  • Billing is one more critical and complex task of clinic management. With a comprehensive clinic management system, this complexity is eliminated by inducing a safe, secure and reliable payment gateway. The Software automatically calculates and tracks the bills as patient moves from one department to other or from one room to other. Bills thus generated are error free and allows patients to pay their bills using credit cards, insurance cards, in cash or as a part payment by generating receipts in real time.

  • Having covered the doctor and patient roles, now the software also covers for the employees or clinic staff. Starting from tracking their attendance, managing their leaves and generating their payroll, a comprehensive clinic management system also looks after accounting system of the clinic.
  • Generating reports, ability to export them in PDF or in excel sheet formats is the specialty of this system. It does not matter what reports are generated by whom, almost all the reports generated in Management Information System are in real-time. Users can save, modify or share these reports all in just one click.

Bottom Line

Size of your clinic is irrelevant; using Clinic Management Software is must if you want to increase productivity and ROI in your clinic. Summit Tech targeting small, medium and large size hospitals has developed a web based comprehensive Doctor and Clinic Management Software. This software is developed with the top-notch technology to cover all clinical, financial and operational requirements in a clinic. Having all necessary features, most awaited modules and by offering 24/7 support this software after winning Singaporean hearts is out to connect with clinics outside Singapore.

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